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Rose Clay Mask. Renew Skin Care Line

This mask was created for those with sensitive normal to dry skin using minimal ingredients to provide a natural alternative to healthy skin with botanicals and clay. This rose clay mask is a very light mask intended to provide light exfoliation.

Over time dry and dead skin accumulates on the surface of your skin. Exfoliation is the process of removing that top layer of skin to reveal the newer, fresher skin that lies just beneath.


+ Rose Kaolin Clay : Gently detoxifying and cleansing. Leaves skin soft and nourished.

+ White Kaolin Clay : Gently detoxifying and cleansing. Leaves skin soft and nourished.

+ Pure botanical powders to soften and gently exfoliate skin including rose powder, organic marshmallow root, organic cocoa powder.

2 ounce glass jar of dry clay powder, please mix with liquid of your choice appropriate for your skin. A little goes a long way, use only 1 tsp per use.

Clear Naturals skin care was created for three skin types:

Renew is our line for dry, sensitive or mature skin. This also included stress or emotionally reactive skin

Balance is our line for balanced, normal or sometimes combination skin

Detox is our line for oily or congested skin types

Our new Skincare line is created for those who want simplicity. Not only simplicity, but back to nature ingredients to soothe and smooth tired skin.



Use once a week as part of your facial treatment

Step 1: Mix equal parts of clay and water in a bowl. Let this set for a few minutes and allow the clay to soak up the water until it creates a paste.

Step 2: Using a brush or your fingertips apply the clay mask all over your face avoiding your mouth and eye area. Sit and relax for a couple minutes while the clay begins to dry.

Step 3: Once the mask begins to dry but still feels a bit damp go ahead and gently rinse it off with water and a soft cloth. Follow up with your favorite toner and moisturizer.

***This is a dry product that does not require preservatives. Do not introduce water into the bottle or your product may spoil. Please use within 6 months***

Rose Clay Mask - Dry/Normal Skin

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